Beautiful, custom soapstone carving work done by our friends in Kenya!  Get your very own custom mug or jewelry box for a donation of $150 that will be split to cover costs in Kenya and toward our well project.  Simply fill out the form below with your name, email, and "custom art" in the subject line.  Then, in the "message" box, type the text you'd like on the mug or jewelry box.  If you want a logo or special art carved on the mug or jewelry box, please send us a valid link to the logo or art.  Then go to our Kenya Well Project page and make your donation via our "Go Fund Me" account.  Once we have your donation in hand, we will process your order.  Thanks and enjoy your custom Kenyan art!  (Please note:  For your custom art to  be made and shipped from Kenya will take up to 10  weeks, so please be patient!  Rarely, but sometimes, international shipments can get held up at customs and take longer.)  

For other Kenyan art products, please visit their website at