After much research, we are set to install a permanent and professionally drilled fresh water well for ​Kibos Hope Academy ​in Kisumu, Kenya. 

In coordination with Monica Ochola of Hope for the Destitute  and Borehole Masters of Nairobi, Kenya, along with research from officials of ​Kibos Hope Academy  plans are in place for the following: 

  • Geological Survey of the well site in Kisumu
  • ​Aquistion of Permits ​from local, county, and national governments
  • ​Mobilization and Drilling ​of the well
  • ​Installation of Solar Powered Well Pump ​for ease of access



The Ideal Donation 

One thing that bedevils American charitable organizations is the fact that they often have to pay salaries and expenses to individuals and organiztions who are facilitating that charity full-time. 

Not so with us here at "In Layman's Terms". 

No one will benefit from this financially except those we are trying to help.  We will not make profit from poverty.  Virtually 100% of the funds we will raise for this project will go to individuals, organizations, and businesses in the country of Kenya.

​Additionally, many charitable organizations end up doing more harm than good in their efforts due to the fact that they are not directly connected to the individuals on the ground.  Our efforts here have been born from months of discussion with the leaders of those directly connected with this project.  We're not guessing about what will help.  We know because this fresh water well is what has been requested by the people there.    

With this project, we have circumvented the normal 30 to 50% administrative costs associated with most "American to Foreign" relief efforts.  "Direct giving" is much like "factory to consumer" economics.  It cuts out all of the middle men between our dollars and those who need our help.  

Donate by Mail 

​A Note About "Direct Giving"

In Christ and for His Glory, 

          Matthew Garnett, host of ​In Layman's Terms

Gathering water takes energy and time......

​time and energy that could be spent on education.....

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Please seriously consider giving at  least $50 to the project.  Along with the $10 bonus from the "Square Cash" app, that will make it $60.  And, we are not asking for a continuing financial commitment - only a one time gift of $50 or more.  

We here at In Layman's Terms​ are happy to continue to bring you completely free content via our podcast.  We have done this for going on five years now.  

Our hope is that you will return the favor, not to us, but to the people and students of ​Kibos Hope Academy and fully fund this well project.